Thursday, April 17

One Room Challenge: Week Three

Welcome back to the One Room Challenge! I am updating my four year old daughter Claire's room. You can get updated if you haven't already seen Week 1 & Week 2.
I picked out this Moroccan Trellis Rug for Claire's room. It will be delivered Monday, so I am crossing my fingers it works out. I haven't ordered from Rugs USA before, but other bloggers have said good things. This rug comes in many colors and I was able to get it 65% off. They always have crazy deals on their website. 
I also had some luck at Home Goods. I got this pink and lavender duvet/sham set for just $29! There is already so much pink in the room that I chose to have the lavender side face out but its great that it is reversible. 
Are you gagging from all the pink yet?? I am hoping I can be one of the ones who pulls off the pink and purple thing. It is a challenge using so much color but I am so far down the path - no turning back now! Claire has had this cute canopy in her room for a while now. It is the BRYNE net from IKEA. 
BRYNE Net IKEA Easy to keep clean since you can remove the fabric and wash it by machine.
Now that I have her new bedding I was able to go out and choose some trim to add to the existing canopy. I chose this pretty lavender pom pom trim to edge the lengths of each side and go around the hoop at the top. (requires approx 8 yards of trim). If you follow my blog you know I don't sew. The key with this project is diligently pinning the trim. It took a while, but then when I used my hot glue gun it was very easy and quick. 
Of course my glue gun broke before I could finish so here is the semi-finished product. The trim around the hoop needs to be glued still and that is why it doesn't look great. I guess I will be running out later to get a new glue gun ;) 
Only three weeks left! To catch up on how the rest of the bloggers are doing, hope over to Calling it Home.

Thursday, April 10

One Room Challenge: Week Two

If you missed Week One you can catch up here. I have been spending lots of time pouring through photos trying to find inspirations and new ideas for Claire's room. Also I am a little frustrated with a mystery person on craigs list who is selling this bed frame and yet they are too busy to meet up - what if somebody else gets it!?! For $80 I am going to be so bummed if it gets away.

I love this parsons desk - in fact I said I was sure it would stay in my room but I was wrong (problems of being a chronic re-decorator). You can see how I previously styled it here.  The canopy is cheap and from IKEA. I am hoping to add pom pom trim to dress it up a bit. Now let's talk about the PINK we picked out. It is Art Deco Pink made by Valspar. I should have used a sample first, but when you have two small kids who has time for such careful preparation?? I committed and it is here to stay even though it is waaaaaaaay more pink than I expected. However, despite my initial urge to vomit Claire is absolutely in love with it and that is what is most important right? Now I am trying to think of ways to tone down the rest of the room. Here is a sneak peek at the color:
The color changes depending on the time of day. It is pretty but it is not subtle. :) Well I guess I am on trend since all the decor magazines this Spring are focused on color. Now the challenge will be making it tasteful. 

I also picked out some new art for Claire's Room. 


The first piece is an impressionist painting by Sally Kelly. I  really like her use of color and have blogged about her before. Find out more about her here. The print is made by The Painted Arrow. She has so many sweet prints. Over the next week I need to paint the trim and think about the closet. I am debating getting temporary wall paper....stay tuned! And hop over to Calling it Home to see how the other linking participants are doing. 

Tuesday, April 8

Designer Crush: Blair Harris

Lets just say I am slightly obsessed. You need to check out Blair Harris Interior Design. She has a super sophisticated aesthetic, using muted jewel tones and a neutral palette, her projects are so inviting. I am ready to move in. So jealous of the architecture of these old homes as well: exposed brick & beams, crown molding, beading, much character. 
11735bbb1b626499-299clintonst1784web.jpg 885def567548e1d5-299clintonst1819web.jpg











All photos from Blair Harris Interior Design

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